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$1,000 Reward for the Arrest & Conviction of Danielle D’Entremont’s Attacker

$1,000 Reward for the Arrest & Conviction of Danielle D’Entremont’s Attacker

Today in Kingston Ontario the following posters will be appearing in and around the city of Kingston, Ontario, near the site of Queen’s University, where a woman named Danielle D’Entremont claimed to have been viciously attacked in the middle of the night by an unknown assailant, with hints that she was assaulted due to her feminist activism and that this was also somehow related to the talk to…

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Love’s Bitter Rebuke - Over Generations

Love’s Bitter Rebuke – Over Generations


I will always remember my mother’s words.

“You’ll never forget your first love,” she said as I cried into her arms.

For some months, I had been keeping a terrible secret. My girlfriend, my first girlfriend, had been raped. They didn’t just rape her; they broke her nose. A knife was used. She was cut. There were two of them.

Picture Alley Sheedy in The Breakfast Club— well, that was Louise.…

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The Men’s Human Rights Movement Needs You

The Men’s Human Rights Movement Needs You

Collegiate Activism Director Sage Gerard will be present at both the May 31st rally in Maine and the June Conference in Detroit, and he is encouraging everyone to join their MHRA brothers and sisters. As a low-income student, Sage still makes a case for why the expenses are justified, and how your presence makes the MHRM a lasting…

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Consent: You Don’t Have It

Consent: You Don’t Have It

I hope nobody minds too much if I spend the entirety of this article talking about my penis.

It might seem self-indulgent of me, of course. I do have my reasons. For example, I have been listening and reading for a number of years, as just about every single other voice within our shared (and fabricated) cultural narrative that tells me, and tells you, and tells anyone within hearing, in the most…

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The Honeybadger Brigade Will Not Be Silenced

The Honeybadger Brigade Will Not Be Silenced

This is in response to the Queen’s University Phony Pheminist Anonymous from The Honeybadger Brigade:

The statement is as follows:

“Greetings, Queens University Feminists.

We are honey badgers.

A recent video purported to be the work of Anonymous sounds suspiciously like something a recently-embarrassed university professor would…

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Professional Damsel In Distress Embarrasses @center4inquiry - again #MelodyHensley

Professional Damsel In Distress Embarrasses @center4inquiry – again #MelodyHensley

Quoth Melody Hensley of the Center for Inquiry:

I’m really sick of the stupid lies that get flung about me. Yes, I have PTSD from Twitter, blogs, horrible videos, cyberstalking.

— Melody Hensley (@MelodyHensley) November 23, 2013

No, seriously. And don’t let anyone question her:

@NeptunFallenYou are very insensitive to question someone that has a life altering disorder. This is harassment. You…

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Did We Hit A Nerve, Amanda? Like Phony Surveys Much? @AmandaMarcotte @szvan #pandagon

Did We Hit A Nerve, Amanda? Like Phony Surveys Much? @AmandaMarcotte @szvan #pandagon

My last couple of articles about Amanda Marcotte, one discussing her disastrous attempt to shame RAINN into supporting the ludicrous notion of rape culture, and the other exploring her subtle softening of her anti-male rhetoric, must’ve hit a nerve.

Well, it might not have been me or my work, specifically, but something has put an Over 9000 tonne bee in her bonnet, and her former moderating tone…

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Sparky Fister Takes On The Stupid So We Don’t Have To

Vaginas, Cars and Rape Culture, Oh My! You should subscribe to SparkyFister.

Queen’s University Pedobears Earn Over 9000 Trolltard Points

Queen’s University Pedobears Earn Over 9000 Trolltard Points

Queen’s University feminazia, almost certainly without a single femanon among them, have creepypasta’d Anonymous to create the funniest threat we’ve gotten all year:

These are obviously not even moralfags, just trolltards. Queen’s University feminazis should check out this important instruction manual on how Anonymous really rolls(n…

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Stollznow accuses Radford of “Recruiting” AVFM to continue his harassment

Stollznow accuses Radford of “Recruiting” AVFM to continue his harassment

Yesterday, Karen Stollznow, skeptic writer and now notorious harassment accuser of Ben Radford, another prominent skeptic, posted an update on her Indegogo fundraiserstating Radford had “recruited” AVFM to “spread his word” in order to harass her even further. She also made a string of false claims including AVFM was a hate group accusing her of violating Indigogo’s terms of use and pocketing…

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