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Here come the lawyers to AVFM, yet again

Here come the lawyers to AVFM, yet again

Does a wife who may have driven a husband to suicide with the assistance of our corrupt family court system, then have a legal right to claim copyright — of his suicide note?

According to attorney Rachelle E. Hill, of Bean, Kinney and Korman, and a judge, that is precisely the claim. They lawyer has written the offices of A Voice for Men to demand that we remove a post from the forums containing…

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Fear and Loathing in Kingston, Ontario: Confronting Lies at Queen’s University

Fear and Loathing in Kingston, Ontario: Confronting Lies at Queen’s University

Okay – straight off the bat I want to do some housekeeping. I immediately apologize to fans of the late Doctor Hunter S. Thompson, but I’m going to stick with this title and motif because it’s extremely appropriate, for reasons that will make sense later.

Second – since I went to Kingston on April 8, 2014 more as an activist than as a journalist, my objectivity is all shot to shit; so, with that…

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Substantive Equality, a golf handicap in the law

Substantive Equality, a golf handicap in the law

What do you call the opposite of justice? Many people would say the answer is injustice. However, what if you subscribed to a particular ideal which had goals that when attained would advantage you but would be sharply destructive to just about everyone else – and to achieve these goals, you needed widespread public adoption of your goals as if they were something positive for everyone.


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Okay, MGTOW, I get it now. If this is the option, I’d pass too

Okay, MGTOW, I get it now. If this is the option, I’d pass too

Isabel Chalmers has written a truly compelling, heart wrenching piece at Thought Catalogue about how her slutty days are behind her and she’s ready to offer her vagina to a Nice Guy now.  That’s so sweet Isabel.  Let’s see what you have to offer:

Dear Nice Guy,

Note the lack of plural.  Isabel is not talking to Nice Guys as a group – she is addressing that one special Nice Guy to which she is…

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A bachelor tax – not so unlikely

A bachelor tax – not so unlikely

There is a lot of discussion, particularly in MGTOW circles, but also in the wider MRM, about the likelihood that the State could introduce a bachelor tax in case too many men decide to go full MGTOW and opt out of family life. Whenever this topic is brought up, many think that an outright bachelor tax is unlikely given that it hasn’t happened for quite some time now… or so you might think. Of…

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Danielle D’Entremont: Where is the feminist outrage?

Danielle D’Entremont: Where is the feminist outrage?

To The University of Toronto Student’s Union, Ryerson Student’s Union, Huffington Post, Jessica Valenti, Charles Clymer, Tori Shepherd, Vincent Matak, Amanda Marcotte, David Futrelle and similar others:

You have all either helped spread or even profited from spreading the idea that men’s human rights advocates pose a threat of violence to women, particularly feminist women. Some of you have gone…

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Feminists stoop to a new low

The following video shows a wasteful government & NGO-funded campaign by feminists painting males as abusers of women.

War against boys. Are the ADHD Drugs Unsafe?

War against boys. Are the ADHD Drugs Unsafe?

Have you heard anything in the media about the meds used for ADHD being unsafe? I would bet not. But guess what? There’s been quite a bit of scientific data pointing towards that very possibility. Just have a look at this page:

Leonard Sax, M.D. has been pointing out these potential risk factors for some time and I can’t remember seeing any articles in…

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From the mouths of (hot) babes

From the mouths of (hot) babes

A modern complaint of modern women on modern sides of modern social and political aisles is over the “exploitation” of other modern women, and the idea of womanhood in general, supposedly inherent in what is chiefly a male hobby that spans ancient to modern times: the viewing of erotica.

I’m certainly not afraid of the word “pornography,” but that’s essentially what pornography is: erotica. It is…

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Bachelorhood as a fine art (1900)

Bachelorhood as a fine art (1900)

The following gem is from an American Magazine that circulated in the year 1900 called The Bachelor Book. – PW

Cover page
Bachelor 1a
Bachelor 2

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